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Online Divorce - Back to the Future

David Lillywhite
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The proliferation of 'online divorce' over the last decade (from intriguing novelty to market presence) has highlighted not just a growing appetite for accessibility but also simplicity in the process. It was therefore only a matter of time before...

Meditations on mediation

Peter Burgess
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It is #NationalMediationWeek this week, and so on our blog we are focusing on the how, what and why of mediation as a process. At the firm we have two qualified Resolution mediators - Peter Burgess and David Lillywhite who are trained to help clients work...

Ring the changes

Jo Hall
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This January, we’re reflecting on change.  January is often a time of change and renewal in family life. Change can feel liberating, or it can feel devastating, but it can be transformative if managed well.  In the words of Barack Obama...