Sometimes court is inevitable and there are separate court processes that deal with finances and children matters. These will involve a series of hearings in front of magistrates, district judges or a circuit or high court judge. 

There will be in the case of finances some disclosure given and in the case of children proceedings some evidence filed and then the court will try to broker an agreement between you and the other party. If that is not successful, the case will produce to a longer hearing at which you and the other party are likely to have to give evidence and answer questions in front of a judge.  This is known as a final hearing.

Our solicitors will explain to you as your case progresses what is required to happen between each hearing and we will provide an estimate of our costs for carrying out the work on your behalf.  Even among those cases that go to court, most will settle before they reach a final hearing.

We will usually engage a barrister to act on your behalf and to give advice for any court proceedings.  We will discuss with you who that should be and what the likely cost will be before we engage them.