Child Law

Parenthood does not end with the breakdown of a relationship. Cooperating on parenting issues after a separation is in your child’s best interests and is a priority for parents.

Often there are differences of opinion about certain issues. Questions such as with which parent the child should live (including relocating abroad), where and how often each parent should see the child or how to finance children’s living and education costs can all cause dispute.

We are committed to working with our clients as parents to reach a solution to all their issues, and we offer guidance on the many trusted avenues that may be explored including 'Parenting After Parting' workshops, mediation and family therapy.

A court application is the last resort for resolving disputes but sometimes it is a necessary step. We are experienced at both negotiating outcomes and contesting court applications. We discuss the right approach with our clients at every turn, always with the children’s best interests in mind.