Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative law is a form of non-confrontational dispute resolution often used during divorce or separation. The aim of collaborative law is to allow separating couples to agree a solution without the need for court action. It can also be used for disputes after separation, such as over parenting issues. This can save you time, money and a lot of stress while allowing you to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Burgess Mee’s collaborative lawyers in London can help you find a better way to resolve family legal disputes thanks to our high level of experience and training in this area. We regularly support a wide range of separating couples and other family members and understand how to make the process as easy and effective as possible while ensuring your interests stay protected.

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How collaborative law works

The collaborative law process involves you, your partner (or ex-partner) and two lawyers all working together towards a solution through a series of 4-way meetings. Exactly how many meetings you need will depend on the circumstances, including how many different issues there are to resolve.

Collaborative lawyers have specific training to help keep the process effective while minimising conflict. You will also all agree at the start that neither lawyer acting in the collaborative law process will be able to represent their client if the matter ends up in Court. This helps to ensure that everyone is committed to making the process a success.

The collaborative agenda is set by you and the other party involved in the dispute.

This allows you to feel more in control of how the matter is resolved than if the matter is dealt with in court, where the process and decision would be in the hands of a judge. Because the emphasis is on everyone working together as a team, this helps to ensure that emotions are kept in check as far as possible and that conflict is kept to a minimum.

Specialist advice (for example, from an accountant, independent financial advisor or pension specialist) can also be taken where appropriate to ensure that any solution remains workable.

Once an agreement is reached, the collaborative lawyers will then draft and file the appropriate documents. This means the decision agreed can then become legally binding, meaning neither party can simply change their mind about what is agreed later. This gives certainty for both parties and any dependants, such as children.

Is collaborative law right for your family dispute?

There are several different options for non-confrontational dispute resolution (also known as Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR) but the two most common are mediation and collaborative law.

While mediation can be highly effective for many family disputes, collaborative law can be a more attractive choice if there are more complex issues to sort out. Having the support of your own trained lawyer on hand can give you reassurance that everything is being handled correctly and that your interests are not being compromised.

As with other types of non-confrontational family law, a major advantage of collaborative law is that it can allow you to maintain a better relationship with an ex-partner during divorce or separation. This can be hugely beneficial, especially if you have children or business interests together where you will need to continue dealing with each other going forwards.

Our expertise in collaborative law

David Lillywhite is a Resolution-trained collaborative lawyer with years of experience helping people find mutually acceptable solutions to family disputes. David’s skill in this area means we can usually help you find a positive outcome faster, at a lower cost and with less stress than would otherwise be possible.

We aim to offer each client the same quality of service and legal expertise as any big City firm, but without the overheads of those larger firms, meaning you get the very best result possible at an affordable rate.

We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). This ensures that we continue to meet the highest legal and professional standards at all times.

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