Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative law is another process developed with cost-effectiveness in mind.

The process involves you, your partner and two lawyers all working together towards a solution through a series of 4-way meetings.

You agree at the start that if the matter ends up in Court, neither lawyer will be able to act for their client.

You will feel more in control of your matter than if the court was involved and the emphasis on everyone working together as a team ensures that emotions are kept in check as far as possible. Much like mediation, the collaborative agenda is set by you and your partner.

Specialist advice (for example, from an accountant, independent financial advisor or pension specialist) can also be taken where appropriate to ensure that any solution remains workable. Once agreement is reached, the collaborative lawyers will then draft and file the appropriate documents.

David Lillywhite is a Resolution-trained collaborative lawyer and can assist with any further enquiries.