Kids Come First - Separated Parents workshops

Many parents face challenges communicating with the other parent about children matters during and after the separation and/or divorce process.  Learning to manage their children’s needs as separated parents can be difficult. 

Kids Come First is a tailored education programme for separated parents, run by Nicola Withycombe and Stephanie Fattorini, who combine their experience working with separated parents and their training in family mediation, family therapy and counselling.  The trainers conduct workshops in two, two-hour sessions for separating or separated parents who want to find a way to co-parent during and after separation.  The workshops can be in a group or a one to one, located at our offices in Clapham and Hammersmith.

We encourage parents to address these issues individually or together as early in the process as possible and can signpost clients to this support programme should they want to consider this, either alongside mediation or outside it.

The workshops take into account the stage of separation you are at and the age of your child or children and contain information about the impact on children of separation and parental conflict and help you co-parent and deal with your child or children's behaviour and emotions during and after your separation.

By using their combined professional experiences in mediation, family therapy and counselling, the Kids Come First team can help you find your way to successful parenting after separation.

For more information, visit or email or or call 07789497275.