Wills and Estate Planning

You may be going through divorce, relationship breakdown or generally planning for the future. This is a sensible time to also look in parallel at planning what happens if you die. Marriage will invalidate any previous will and divorce may well affect how a will takes effect on the death of the person making it. You may wish to consider who would be the guardians for your children, or what happens if you lose capacity.

Often the arrangements being put in place for a pre or post nuptial agreement will involve consideration of what happens if one person in the relationship dies.

There are standard rules which take effect if you die in the UK without a will. These are very unlikely to meet your specific requirements in every case. There are also claims which can be made by someone who is financially dependent on you if inadequate provision is made, and those claims are to be avoided if possible.

To guide you through these potential issues, we are now able to offer an affordable will-writing service. A number of our expert family lawyers also have an expertise in this specialist area. We can also help with statutory wills (where someone has lost the mental capacity to make a will), Powers of Attorney, both for finance and property and health and care, and pension nominations.

You will first complete a short questionnaire which will provide our team with the necessary information and what your broad objectives will be. You will then meet in one of our three offices in Clapham, Hammersmith and Liverpool Street.

If you have any queries, please contact Emily Robertson.