Same-sex Marriage & Civil Partnerships

Marriage and civil partnership often require you to give careful thought to issues such as how your finances will be dealt with and what arrangements you need to make for any children you have. This is also true if your relationship comes to an end.

Our family law team offer expert advice for every stage of your relationship, from getting in place a pre-nuptial agreement or pre-civil partnership agreement, to dealing with divorce proceedings or civil partnership agreements, financial settlements or arrangements for children.

With decades of experience across our team, we work with people from all walks of life, including High Net Worth and high-profile individuals, as well as where there are international considerations, complex financial matters and other challenging issues.

We have an exceptionally strong family law team with backgrounds working at some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in the UK. This allows us to offer you the same quality and depth of legal expertise as any big City firm, with the personal attention and affordable rates of a smaller, boutique practice.

Looking for clear, expert advice on your marriage or civil partnership? Our approachable and highly experienced same-sex marriage and civil partnership solicitors in Clapham and Hammersmith can help.

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How we can help you with every stage of same-sex marriage & civil partnership

We can provide clear and empathetic support for every stage of your relationship, from before you get married or have your registration, through to dealing with all of the issues surrounding the end of a relationship.

Pre-nuptial agreements & pre-civil partnership agreements

Such agreements are now increasingly common for couples getting married later in life or for a second time. Pre-nups and pre-civil partnership agreements are also no longer just for the ‘super-rich’.

Our family law team regularly help a wide range of couples to create fair, legally robust pre-nuptial agreements and pre-civil partnership agreements (also known as ‘pre-registration agreements’).  We are a founder member of the Family Law Agreements Group (FLAG), a group of solicitors who are committed to a common code of practice that emphasises the need to deal with sensitive matters such as prenuptial and cohabitation agreements in as client-focused a way as possible.

We can also advise you on creating a post-nuptial agreement or post-civil partnership agreement if you need to create or update an agreement after your marriage or registration.

See how we can help with pre-nuptial agreements and pre-civil partnership agreements.

Same-sex divorce

Our divorce lawyers in London can provide expert advice on all aspects of divorce for same-sex couples. This includes guiding you through issues such as how extra marital relationships should be handled in your divorce petition, understanding parental responsibility and dealing with other specific concerns LGBT families often have to deal with during a separation.

See how we can help with divorce.

Civil partnership dissolution

We can guide you through the entire process of civil partnership dissolution, including the legal procedure for ending your civil partnership and sorting out the practical issues, such as making a financial settlement and agreeing the arrangements for any children.

See how we can help with civil partnership dissolution.

Dispute Resolution (DR) for same-sex marriage & civil partnerships

We aim to remove conflict from divorce and civil partnership dissolution wherever possible, so have a strong focus across our team on Dispute Resolution (DR).

This generally means we can help to resolve the practical issues surrounding a separation, such as making a financial settlement or arrangements for children, without the need for court proceedings.

By using ADR methods such as mediation, collaborative law, and arbitration, we can generally save you a significant amount of time, money and stress, making separation easier on you and your loved ones. Peter Burgess is an accredited mediator while David Lillywhite is both a mediator and is trained in collaborative law.

Family mediation for LGBT couples

Our trained and accredited family mediators can act as neutral third-parties to facilitate discussions between you and your former partner, defusing any potential conflict and keeping the process on track and productive.

Mediation is usually the fastest and least expensive way to deal with the issues surrounding relationship breakdown, and is now the most common way to deal with divorce and civil partnership dissolution.

See how we can help you with family mediation for same-sex divorce and civil partnership dissolution.

Collaborative law for same sex couples

Collaborative law offers a practical alternative to mediation where there are more complex issues to resolve. The process allows you to have your own lawyer with you during the negotiations to advise you and make sure your interests are protected at the same time as working towards a sensible outcome for the whole family.

Other professional advisers, such as accountants, financial advisers and family counsellors, can also be present during collaborative law meetings, making sure you have the full range of expert advice you need to achieve a fair settlement.

See how we can help you with collaborative law for same-sex divorce and civil partnership dissolution.

Our expertise in same-sex marriage & civil partnerships

With decades of experience across our team handling a range of family law issues for people from various backgrounds, we can offer the skilled, sensitive support you need for every stage of your relationship.

Our same-sex marriage and civil partnership lawyers have particular experience with representing high profile and High Net Worth individuals, including entrepreneurs, sports people and international bankers.

We also have strong expertise in issues connected to international family law, Scottish divorce law, complex financial arrangements, allegations or abuse and the application of pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

Our solicitors have been commended in leading client guides The Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners. Antonia Mee has been called a “hard-working, dedicated and experienced practitioner” with an “impressive intellectual prowess, matched with real humanity and compassion”, while Peter Burgess is recognised as “an extraordinarily sensitive, patient and accessible person” and "a very skilled negotiator".

We are accredited by the Law Society for Family Mediation, reflecting our expertise in using mediation to resolve the practical issues involved in divorce and civil partnership dissolution.

Our team includes a number of very active members of Resolution, the network for family lawyers. We have two Resolution-trained mediators and a collaborative lawyer. Our lawyers have expertise in both English and Scottish law, meaning we can effectively represent clients from across England, Scotland and Wales.

We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). This ensures that we continue to meet the highest legal and professional standards at all times.

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