The Cross Check

What is The Cross Check?

Relationship breakdown often requires you to obtain different types of advice and support from a number of different sources which can include legal advice, financial advice and personal support throughout the divorce process and beyond. The Cross Check provides an holistic approach to advising clients on these aspects of relationship breakdown. This advice is provided by Burgess Mee Family Law, a national wealth manager and one of a panel of divorce consultants.

Who is The Cross Check for and how do I know if it would help me?

We set out below some case studies of the types of situations in which The Cross Check might be suitable.

If you have any questions regarding The Cross Check scheme or would like to engage in it, please contact us via or using the form on this page.


How does The Cross Check work?

The intention is to provide a cost-effective and all-encompassing approach that will provide clients with clarity and understanding as to their legal rights, financial needs and emotional challenges relating to their relationship breakdown and the future.

This will be provided by way of:

  1. A no obligation introductory half hour Zoom call with a lawyer from Burgess Mee and a financial adviser from a national wealth manager.
  2. Two 90-minute joint consultations with a lawyer and financial adviser encompassing:
    1. Legal advice on;
      1. The approach to be taken by the court as to the division of assets in your case and/or consideration of whether any settlement agreement reached falls within the range of outcomes a court would order;
      2. Whether all disclosure and considerations have been taken into account as part of any settlement reached or in assessing how the court would approach the case; and
      3. Any arrangements for the children and whether these are appropriate.
    2. Financial advice on;
      1. Modelling and budgeting;
      2. Valuation methodologies for any complex assets or business assets;
      3. Pension divisions if applicable;
      4. Tax considerations arising from prospective settlement proposals; and
      5. Investment strategy and budgeting going forwards.
  3. A 90-minute introductory session with one of our panel of divorce consultants to consider any personal support that may be beneficial with a view towards the future following the breakdown of the relationship.

Case Study 1

Direct discussions settlement

Cybil and Basil have been married for 6 years and have decided to get divorced. They have wanted to keep their costs as low as possible so have negotiated a financial settlement between themselves without taking legal advice. However, Basil is now uncertain if the agreement is right for him or how he is going to move forward following the divorce. He decides to the use The Cross Check so he can obtain legal advice on the fairness of the settlement and financial advice from a national wealth manager as to how he can best use the settlement monies he receives.

Case Study 2

Mediated settlement

Johnny and Amanda have been married for 25 years and have 3 children. They are now in the process of getting divorced. They have been attending mediation with Sam and have reached a potential financial settlement. Sam has now told them that they need to obtain legal advice on the proposed settlement terms to ensure that they are fair, take into account all necessary considerations and will enable them to meet their and the children’s needs moving forward. Amanda chooses to engage The Cross Check so she can receive advice on all these issues and  arrange for Burgess Mee to either draft the necessary documentation to allow the settlement to be approved by the court or undertake further negotiations on her behalf should it be necessary.

Case Study 3

Need support through the mediation process

Aimee and Tom have been married for 16 years and have two children. They have begun the divorce process and are in the early stages of working with their mediator, Tina, to try to agree a financial settlement and the arrangements for their children. However, Aimee feels she needs extra support outside of mediation to be able to negotiate effectively with Tom and get the best deal for her and her children. She is struggling to understand what she needs or what she is going to do after the marriage has ended. She engages The Cross Check to provide an analysis of the disclosure provided in mediation and the situation to help her assess her financial and personal needs and prepare her for negotiations with Tom. She then also has a specialist team that can support her during the negotiation process as it progresses, in terms of the legal advice, financial advice and personal support. Once a settlement of all issues has been achieved, Burgess Mee can draft both the legal documentation to be filed at court and a Parenting Agreement setting out the arrangements for the children.

Case Study 4

Unsure how to structure an initial offer

Harry and Ron have been married for 3 years but have decided to separate. Ron has a good understanding of his and Harry’s financial circumstances but is unsure as to how to structure a financial settlement proposal so as to ensure that his needs and Harry’s needs are met moving forwards. As long as financial disclosure is provided, The Cross Check can advise Ron to give him clarity on the law and his needs. This advice will enable him to either undertake negotiations with Harry himself or in mediation, or instruct Burgess Mee to negotiate on his behalf.

Case Study 5

Unsure about the assets and a proposed settlement

Janice and Monica have been in a Civil Partnership for 6 years and have decided to separate. Monica has presented Janice with a document setting out her assets and some proposed terms of settlement. Monica has always been in charge of the family finances. Janice is unsure whether the information Monica has provided is correct, or whether the settlement is fair and will enable her to manage moving forwards. She does not know how to respond. The Cross Check can advise on all these points from a legal and financial perspective so as to help Janice either engage in further discussions with Monica directly, in mediation, or through solicitor correspondence to ensure the best deal possible. The Cross Check can also, with the aid of a Divorce Consultant, help Janice to take practical steps that will enable her to take back control of her life without Monica.