The Cross Check Costs

What will it cost?


Initial meetings

Two 90-minute meetings with Burgess Mee and a national wealth manager and the 90-minute meeting with the divorce consultant

£1,800 plus VAT fixed fee 

Legal work

Preparing the first draft of a consent order, letter of advice and any necessary additional court documents

£1,500 plus VAT fixed fee

Preparing the first draft of the parenting agreement and letter of advice

£1,000 plus VAT fixed fee

Any other legal work to be charged at the hourly rate of the solicitor instructed. See website for details.

Financial advice

A written report as to their proposals provided in the meetings for the financial management of any funds and undertaking any assessment, e.g. cash flow analysis of lump sum payments or advice regarding pension sharing.

Charged at the hourly rate of the adviser instructed.

Divorce consultant

Charged at the hourly rate of the relevant consultant.