Divorce Consultants

The Cross Check is fortunate to work with four highly rated Divorce Consultants. They each have vast experience in helping clients navigate the emotional and practical difficulties of the breakdown of a relationship and in focusing clients on achieving the future they want and deserve. You will be able to choose with which of our panel of consultants you would like to work. 


I am a qualified and experienced coach, survivor of an acrimonious divorce and single mum to three daughters. I offer practical and pragmatic support and advice for those going through separation and divorce. I aim to help make the process faster, less painful and less costly. Coaching with me will give you confidence that you are making the right decisions for you and your family and it will ensure that your future is a positive one.

I am a specialist Break-up and Divorce Coach. I offer bespoke coaching to empower both men and women to divorce with dignity, and to create new and vibrant lives afterwards. My simple & effective strategies will help you to get calm and clear, take back control, make informed choices and communicate with confidence. I am a Master NLP Practitioner, divorcee, second wife, co-parent to two teenage boys and a former solicitor. I support clients all over the world to recover from break-up or divorce, and live a life that excites them.

I am a divorce consultant. During my time practising family law, I could see that my clients were as much in need of emotional and practical support and guidance as they were of legal advice. I am now able to combine the two, drawing on my legal background to give practical, strategic advice and on my experience of dealing with people facing the divorce process to offer the emotional support and guidance they need.

I am a divorce consultant, providing specialist support and guidance to people before, during and after their divorce or separation. With over 20 years’ experience in working with people going through relationship breakdown, first as a family law solicitor, and now as a divorce consultant, my focus is to make a positive difference to people going through a difficult time.