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For Kids' Sake!

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For parents going through separation or divorce, the arrangements for the children will be at the forefront of their minds.

Divorce or separation is one of the most stressful events that one can experience, but when there are children involved, the process of ‘conscious uncoupling’ is even more difficult. Even in situations where parents remain amicable, disputes can arise. Relationships change over time and a good relationship can deteriorate, for example when one parent starts a new relationship. Conflict between parents witnessed by children is known to be more damaging to the children then separation itself. Some additional support in these difficult times is invaluable. 

‘Kids Come First’ is a local organisation which offers separated parents workshops focusing on how to address the needs of children at different stages of their lives, from toddlers to teenagers. The group and individual workshops aim to provide strategies to create a collaborative and effective co-parenting partnership that extends beyond the separation or divorce. Parents can attend together or separately. The workshops are held in Clapham, Hampton and Hammersmith. For further information on these workshops, please access

Burgess Mee Family Law have sponsored the publishing of a booklet called ‘For Kids’ Sake!’ by Steph Fattorini & Nicola Withycombe from Kids Come First. This offers practical support for separating parents. To obtain a copy of this booklet, please contact Burgess Mee Family Law or Kids Come First.  The authors have extensive experience in dealing with separating families. Steph Fattorini has specialised in separation and divorce for over 10 years and is a child and family therapist. Nicola Withycombe has worked with separated parents for nearly 10 years as an adult trainer and runs the day to day business at Kids Come First. 

If you require further information or advice please contact us on or 0203 824 9950.