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Every case is different.
We work with our clients to find creative ways to suit their own individual circumstances.
Below are some of the areas we cover and the services we offer.

Divorce and dissolution

When a marriage or civil partnership comes to an end, there are often a number of issues that need to be dealt with. Amongst these a couple may decide to end the relationship formally and legally through the court so that they are no longer legally married or civil partners.

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Financial DISPUTES

The financial aspects of divorce are dealt with separately to the divorce process itself.

The law gives each of you and your husband, wife or civil partner prospective claims which can be made against the other party's assets and income. There is a wide discretion to change the ownership of property the system prioritises the needs of minor children and then looks at a checklist of factors including what the resources are, how long you have been married, the parties’ ages and health, the standard of living during the marriage and the parties’ contributions.

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Children Disputes

Divorce and separation can place a great deal of stress on your family and agreeing the arrangements for any children can often be fraught. We are here to help navigate those issues sensitively and always with practical solutions in mind.

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Cohabitation and separation disputes

If you are an unmarried couple then you are a part of the fastest growing relationship type in the country. Despite this, the legal position for you as you embark on living together or if your relationship has broken down is very different to that of a married couple or a couple in a civil partnership. Whether you are moving in with a partner or separating and whether this is with or without children it is important that you understand your legal position.

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Pre and Postnuptial Agreements

Pre and post nuptial agreements seek to regulate what will happen to your finances should your marriage or civil partnership come to an end. They provide several potential benefits including greater certainty, transparency and the ability to protect certain assets. A well written and carefully planned pre or post nuptial agreement in place can help protect you against unnecessary conflict and hostility in the event of a divorce or dissolution.

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Surrogacy, fertility and adoption

Our specialist modern families’ lawyers can help you navigate domestic and international surrogacy and adoption, special guardianship orders and assisted conception.

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Protective Injunctions

Domestic abuse encompasses all types of controlling and coercive behaviour.  It does not just mean physical violence; it also means emotional, psychological, or financial abuse. Sometimes abuse of this nature can be harder to identify, but our solicitors understand the very real and serious impact of abuse and are able to deal with your situation sensitively.

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If your matter has a cross-border element, whether because you have assets located abroad, complex tax structures or if you or your partner want to relocate to another jurisdiction with your children, we are able to help you with specialist advice when time is often of the essence.  

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Family legacy and succession issues, where related to inherited family wealth or business assets, are important considerations for our clients. We help our clients understand the complexities. We also provide support to families during the time after someone has died.

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the cross check

Relationship breakdown often requires you to obtain different types of advice and support from a number of different sources which can include legal advice, financial advice and personal support throughout the divorce process and beyond. The Cross Check provides a holistic approach to advising you on these aspects of relationship breakdown. This advice is provided by Burgess Mee, a national wealth manager and one of a panel of divorce consultants

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