Our Fees

We manage legal funding transparently and simply

In stressful and emotional times the last thing our clients need is additional financial complication. Every step of the way we ensure that the financing of cases is clear and straightforward.

No surprises

At our first meeting with you we will discuss the best method of achieving your objectives within your budget, agreeing key decisions and whether we will represent you in court, conduct mediation sessions or provide background advice alone.

We will then give you a bespoke estimate of the costs for the different ways we can help with your case. This estimate can be broken down into stages and will be updated as your case develops.

You will receive a monthly invoice showing the breakdown of time spent on your case by us.

Funding solutions

We will agree with you in our first discussion the route by which your case will be funded. If appropriate, we can help source external funding by way of a loan for litigation or mediation. We have a relationship with a number of specialist providers of litigation funding for family cases including Novitas, Level, Ampla, Rhea, Detach and Schneider.

Clarity on rates

Like most family lawyers, we charge only for the time we spend on your matter. We are proud to have some of the lowest charging rates in London for expert lawyers with the best training. We will find a team to suit your case, with day to day work being undertaken by solicitors under the supervision of a partner, who has strategic oversight of your matter.

The hourly rates (excluding VAT) are as follows:-

  • Partners Antonia Mee and Peter Burgess are £425 an hour (Peter Burgess' mediation rate is £425 an hour)
  • Partners David Lillywhite, Henrietta Thomas and Natalie Sutherland are £375 an hour (David Lillywhite's mediation rate is £360 an hour)
  • Partner Kirsty Morris is £360 an hour
  • Consultants are £340 an hour
  • Solicitors are £210 to £320 an hour
  • Trainees are £130 an hour
  • Paralegals are £120 an hour