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Vikkie Chetcuti

Trans rights in family law - is the law evolving too slowly?

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LGBT+ History Month takes place every February, to promote equality and diversity and increase awareness of the LGBT+ community. We thought it would be useful to put a spotlight on two recent cases affecting the transgender community. Family law is an...

The Media 'meal ticket' Myth

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The expression “meal ticket for life” is the latest media speak for its 1980’s equivalent “taken to the cleaners”. It is designed to strike fear in the hearts of all hardworking spouses that their future income will never...

Owens v Owens - No Fault Divorce

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The call for no-fault divorce in England and Wales was renewed this morning after the Supreme Court handed down judgment in the highly publicised case of Owens v Owens . By way of brief background, Mr Owens is 80 and Mrs Owens is 68. They have been married...