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Burgess Mee appoints fertility officer

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It came as a welcomed, yet unexpected surprise, that our appointment of a fertility officer would get a much needed conversation started. Natalie Sutherland, who has been the driving force behind this initiative, has been contacted by various publications for comment. Whilst the last couple of weeks have shone a light on this important topic, it is a subject that Natalie has been deeply passionate about for years.

As a firm, we understand that our employees may wish to start or expand their families. With 1 in 8 couples facing infertility issues, we wanted to convey to our team that we support them in their family building aspirations as well as their careers and do not want them to feel that they have to compromise one for the other.  

We hope that our initiative will inspire other workplaces to consider appointing their own fertility officers so that collectively we can create a more open workplace culture which is supportive of family building.

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