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Divorce week: Happy Co-Parent

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In part two of our look at how couples can remove the acrimony from their separation process, we are looking at co-parenting.

Around two years ago at Burgess Mee we realised that what was lacking from the information and resources available online was a one-stop-shop for everything to do with co-parenting. Co-parenting is a term which is bandied around in family law circles (and more widely) but there was nothing truly committed to exploring the notion in detail that would give families the practical tools to embrace this concept.

Broadly, the term does not have a specific meaning in law, it just refers to the relationship that parents can have after separation i.e. where they collaborate as parents despite no longer being in a romantic relationship. This idea that separated parents can support each other as a team is increasingly prevalent across society and for many parents it is accepted that they will have to co-parent once their relationship comes to an end. Indeed, lawyers will often refer to co-parenting when the temperature of a separation increases to keep both parents focused on their children. Long after working with your legal team, you will still need to work with your ex-partner.

Burgess Mee founders, Peter Burgess and Antonia Mee, devised the idea for The Happy Co-Parent during the pandemic as a free resource for separated couples on how to manage the minefield that can so often be co-parenting. We have gradually populated the website with, explanations of the law and various co-parenting models, case studies, and practical advice that we think are helpful to clients.

The site also features videos where we discuss with experts how to successfully co-parent and how parents can move forward constructively and co-operatively. You can explore more at We have been overwhelmed with the positive response from the industry (it was shortlisted for a number of legal client innovation awards last year) and clients alike who have appreciated the spirit and ethos that the website promotes.

We hope that it is useful for clients and non-clients alike and that the information goes some way towards helping couples who are struggling to find the right balance in their new relationship post-separation.

If you need any information, please contact Peter Burgess at