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Ring the changes

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This January, we’re reflecting on change.  January is often a time of change and renewal in family life. Change can feel liberating, or it can feel devastating, but it can be transformative if managed well.  In the words of Barack Obama “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

In the first of our #BurgessMeeBlogs, we consider the effect of changes in family life and look ahead to coming family law changes on the horizon in 2018.

If you are considering divorce or facing separation it can feel overwhelming and economically threatening and nothing to “ring in” or celebrate.  If you are looking to adopt or deal with parenting agreements or facing a dispute about your children, you may feel powerless.  If you need to enter into a pre-nuptial or living together agreement you may feel vulnerable.  As we look toward a post-Brexit landscape it can feel that uncontrollable and unwelcome change is on the horizon.

As family and divorce lawyers we are by experience experts in anticipating and strategically managing change for our clients.   For our team, 2018 marks our 5-year anniversary as a firm delivering outcomes in the face of change.  Together we bring over 70 years’ worth of legal expertise, and countless more of life experience to our clients.  We recognise change is better faced together and we have been marked out for our “outstanding” service and results.

In family law, 2018 will bring changes of its own, including:-

  • A review of the fault based system of divorce when Owens v Owens is heard;
  • The continued introduction of arbitration for children cases and an increasing focus on listening to older children’s wishes following a decision of a Judge to write a letter to a 14 year old boy with his decision in Re A (letter to a young person) [2017] ;
  • De-linking of divorce and financial matters and a new financial remedy pilot court in London;
  • An application of the new case law on sharing and protection of non-marital assets following Sharp v Sharp and Hart v Hart;
  • A review of the law on sharing of bonuses and the needs approach to income and maintenance, when the Court of Appeal gives its judgment in the case of Waggott and a potential appeal in Mills v Mills; and
  • Guidance on the use of covert recordings from the Family Justice Council.

If you need to protect assets or want to review maintenance or protect income, or if your family life is changing in 2018 our team is planning ahead for changes to come.  We will discreetly and personally manage this with you.  We are a full service modern practice offering affordable solutions, including mediation, collaborative law and other dispute resolution options alongside our vast magic circle litigation backgrounds. To discuss any of these issues call Antonia or Peter and the team on 02038249950 or