Legal Notices

Burgess Mee LLP is a limited liability partnership incorporated in
England under registration number OC428451.  Our registered office is at
Unit 9, 16 Porteus Place, London, SW4 0AS.

Burgess Mee LLP  is also authorised and regulated by the Solicitors
Regulation Authority of England and Wales under SRA No 665174.  Our
professional code of conduct can be accessed here[ insert link ]

Burgess Mee Family Law is the trading name of Burgess Mee LLP .

As an English limited liability partnership we have members and not
partners.  Our members are:  Peter Burgess and Antonia Mee.

In common with many law firms we use the terminology “Partner” to
describe both members of Burgess Mee LLP and other senior professionals
who are our employees and consultants.  Any business transacted with us
will be with Burgess Mee LLP and not with any individual.