Each case will start with a meeting which will be between 1 and 2 hours in length.  During that meeting we will gather the information about your situation to ensure we have the necessary understanding to give properly informed advice. 

This area of law is very discretionary and so often there will be no right answer to your particular situation.  Once we have as much information as possible, we will be able to give you advice first generally on the law and how it might apply to your situation and then on what sort of outcome you might expect.  We will then look at what the right process is for you to achieve that outcome. 

Most cases do not go to court. At Burgess Mee we are focused on trying to resolve matters with the minimum cost and emotional expense.  The processes that we look at for you are set out below and generally these options start with the least expensive and move through to the most expensive and acrimonious which will be litigation.