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What happens when an international couple with children separate

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Antonia Mee has been published in Spear's Magazine as she delves into the world of international child arrangements, illuminated by the recent separation announcement of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, a celebrity couple rooted in different home countries.

As Antonia explains, the split has broader relevance for international families with children in the process of separating. She explores the issues with which an English court would grapple when faced with an application for ‘leave to remove’ children to a different jurisdiction, such as managing contact with the 'left behind' parent and potential impacts on the applicant parent’s mental health in the event that the proposed move is not permitted by the court.

Ultimately, as with all children cases in England and Wales, the court’s paramount consideration in deciding whether to allow cross-border relocation where one parent is left behind will be the best interests of the children in question.

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